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Emulation Technology

Real-time Emulation. For the efficient development and test of drive inverters.

“We bring the road into the lab”

The simulation of an e-motor can be done in different ways. Only emulation on an electrical level with original e-motor dynamics can convince us and our clients – in the results and in their meaning.

“The dynamic emulation of the e-motor is of fundamental importance: Current, voltage and the dynamic characteristics of signals must be real.”

The real-time emulation from AVL SET provides a wide-ranging test environment. A test environment that represents the functions, operating modes and the real environmental conditions. The principle: High dynamic behaviour, precise models. The e-motor emulator is employed as a virtual electric motor. So that you can reliably test, check and optimise e-motor control units.

This accelerates development and testing and makes them more convincing. To do this, the motor and its electro-physical characteristics are emulated. We include relevant characteristics such as inertia, electrical and magnetic characteristics, non- linearities, saturation and friction effects. In contrast to a rotating test stand, the emulator responds as a real motor – without the influence of the dynamometer and delivers exact results.

The solution: Real emulation of the planned motor

In our concept of a motor emulator, we combine real-time motor models with specific power electronics and instrumentation. The basis is provided by real or synthetic motor data. This enables us to emulate different basic types of e-motors in motoring and generating operation.