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Formula E

Lasting success. We are behind this drive.

“The automotive industry has found a very competitive environment in Formula E to drive the development of electric vehicles.”

The combustion engine has competition. The majority of racing teams are using proprietary powertrains: The in-house design of the powertrain (battery, electric motor, inverter, transmission, control electronics), cooling systems and rear axle. Environmental friendliness, thriftiness, sustainability – these principles are reshaping racing. And transport a new competitive way of thinking into the automotive industry.

We have our eye on the technical road map. On the mutual run towards the technological development goals of the near future. Precisely because of the requirements prevent an arms race between the teams: Reduce your development time. Reduce the costs of conventional testing. A high quality product can emulate the vehicle behaviour in its entirety and exactly. Use AVL SET for inverter testing to obtain test depth and prompt results. Because you want to drive with more performance and more efficiency.