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From aviation. To the road.

“The aviation principles: do not change the unit under test and valid and functionally meaningful tests on different levels of integration can be applied to the automotive industry with little effort.

In 2003, during the development of the Airbus A380, we first established a new test methodology that in the meantime has become a trend setter: Use virtual e- motors to bring the test stand into the laboratory.

Use the test principles from aviation for the automotive industry.

In 2011, the automotive industry committed itself to an understanding of “functional safety” in the form of ISO 26262. We have known about this methodology from the aviation industry for may decades. With all the requirements for software development and suitable test procedures. We started as a joint venture between AVL and SET and are now a member of the AVL group. And we open up access to all of our experience specifically for the automotive industry. In July 2019 we changed our name and branding from SET Powersystems to AVL SET.