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Modeling depths

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„Precision at its highest level. Or a quick first test. This is where I find the right motor model for every test scenario.“

At AVL SET, we claim to model the electric motor as accurately as possible. At the same time, we offer simple solutions for testing in early stages of development. As a customer, you can therefore choose between three modeling depths.

Linear motor model

Our linear models require only a few constant parameters. Knowing the expected stator inductances and flux linkage of the rotor, you can already test your inverter with the digital motor copy while the motor first exists as a sketch on the paper.

Non-linear motor model

Highly utilized motors exhibit nonlinear effects such as iron saturation or magnetic cross coupling between orthogonal axes. If you already have this information at your current state of development, for example from measurements or FEM calculations, it is best to use our nonlinear models.

Non-linear motor model with spatial harmonics

Modern control methods of inverters are able to compensate even harmonic effects. These occur when the stator winding, the rotor field or the magnetic conductance of the air gap have distinct spatial harmonics. Of course, we also offer motor models that take into account these effects depending on the load point and rotor angle. So you can test your inverter control procedures with a digital copy instead of the real motor and try out your algorithm in a matter of seconds on different virtual motors.

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Which models are right for you? How are the models parameterized? Talk to us – we offer help and tools.