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Motor types

Emulation models for every motor type. It’s all your choice!

„PMSM? IM? EESM? – And what else will come in future times…“

Although rotating field machines may hardly be distinguishable from the outside, the differences are all the greater inside.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors

Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) offer high power density combined with high torque and peak efficiency.

Induction motors

Induction motors (IM) are extremely inexpensive to manufacture and robust in operation.

Electrically excited synchronous motors

Electrically excited synchronous motors (EESM) convince with their high operational safety, the predictability of the costs and a very high efficiency in driving cycles typical for electric cars.

Which motor type are you going to choose today?

As a customer, you have the choice of which motor to use.

And whatever your choice may be – AVL SET offers emulator models of the desired modeling depth for every machine type. Are you spoiled for choice? Use our motor emulation to test different motor types on your inverter.