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Number of phases

Three-phase- or six-phase-models. You set the standard.

„The lot is more than the sum of its parts; also true for multiplication!“

All our emulators can be ordered with either three- or six-phase motor models. Three-phase systems have become standard in the long history of the electric motor, as they can produce a homogeneous rotating field with the least amount of effort.

The seemingly inseperable

Increasing demands today have produced an interesting variant: six-phase machines consisting of two galvanically isolated and electrically rotated three-phase systems at any angle. Such systems offer a number of advantages: The current load of the individual phases decreases, which means that simpler components can be used or the performance of the machine can be increased. Redundancy ensures the continued operation of the motor if a subsystem fails. In addition, the harmonic behavior and efficiency of the motor are improved by a more uniform rotating field.

Why 2×3 doesn’t reveal the perfect 6.

AVL SET also offers emulators for such motors. You will not get a sham package, which consists of two separate three-phase systems – we consider all the magnetic effects that such systems have: In addition to the already existing in three-phase systems effects such as saturation, cross-coupling orthogonal axes and rotor position-dependent harmonic effects, our six-phase models take into account the magnetic coupling of the two Subsystems physically correct. Compare our emulation with your FEM or measurement results on the test bench – you will not discover a difference!