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The answer on the market: Concurrent engineering. And inverter testing with AVL SET. Because we want you to save valuable time.

“The product maturity rating must be proven within the shortest possible time and with competitive costs.”

Why not use electric motors with dynamometers as test systems for drive inverters? The pressure on the market has been too high for a long time. Times-to- market are shorter than ever. Efficiency in the development and test of e-motor control units is becoming increasingly important. Drive inverters are becoming safety-relevant components. New requirements require new methods. Concurrent engineering is one of the consequences. And the inverter test system is the solution. Electronics tests electronics – that is the revolutionary principle of success.

Catch up with the market. And overtake.

Tests with drive inverters can now be conducted at times when the required components and systems are not physically available. Complex tests can be automated. The result: Meaningful data. And exact reproducibility. A further advantage in practice: Inverter testing independent of e-motor, e-motor test stand and test vehicles. That creates a real advantage.

Whereas a new e-motor is only available as a prototype perhaps after 6 months, the emulator already can be configured with the appropriate data. Almost overnight, the new e-motor is available as a “digital copy” in the form of an e-motor emulator – and can be used for testing and control design.

In the automotive market, in racing and off-road – and even in the development of e-bikes.