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First things first: Turnkey. In the overtaking lane in the market.

“Turnkey solutions. That is revolutionary!”

Our products cover the complete range of earlier functional tests up to wide-ranging control unit tests. Our development orients itself on proven standards – for example bus systems, data exchange protocols, norms and industry-specific test regulations.

Our principle for the testing of drive inverters: Special components – especially modular.

Special measurement modules, modular power electronics and high performance computers provide the basis for our solutions. Do you already have a system up and running? Naturally, our solutions can be integrated without problems.

Testing Power Electronics according to LV 123 and ISO 26262

One device, all test scenarios: functionality, safety, performance, durability, excessive load behaviour. Signal sequence and harmonic distortion under ideal load. Inverter behaviour with erroneous function of motor, power supply, subcomponents, communication or loose contact.

Our invitation to you: Your personal test!

Come and visit us in Wangen im Allgäu. And bring your inverter with you.
If we develop your individual solution on this basis, we will also deliver the appropriate application.

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Electro Motor Emulator

Passive Load Emulator