• We SET the future.


Your e-motor and control systems are being continuously improved. At last, revolutionary test procedures are now as well.

“Frankly, established test methods are just not worth the trouble.”

E-motors for cars, e-bikes and off-road, for racing in Formula One and Formula E – there is hardly an area making more progress. Conventionally applied test procedures can longer keep the pace. Employing first class technology means being fast. Faster than the competition. And saving money.

Enable parallel engineering. Obtain insights rapidly. Correct directly.

AVL SET move the test bed into the laboratory. Using a virtual e- motor. This eliminates dependency on a mechanical environment.
Test procedures for e-motor control units are becoming precise, they relate to the real world and are reliable and fast.

We came from the world of avionics. We understand that you want to be faster on the road. That’s why the fields of application range from testing auxiliaries up to powerful drive inverters. As closed Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (P-HiL). Extremely precise. With wide-ranging functionality. With unparalleled performance. Scalable and user friendly.

This is a game-changer. No question.

Changes can be made directly to the construction and characteristics of the virtual motor. To test power electronics, the commutational logic and the control algorithms. At a very early stage. In detail. Substantiated. Precise. Reproducible. Errors and failure events can be emulated without risk and without damage. And development keeps its momentum.

“Time-to-market for a drive inverter is a question of the test environment.”

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Emulation Technology

Inverter Test System