Top for inverter testing. For everyone who wants to save time and cut costs. OEMs, TIER 1 suppliers. Automotive.

“Meaningful results after just 2 weeks, for something that used to take 6 months.”

The inverter test system provides a decisive lead – for research and development, in verification and quality assurance, in end-of-line testing. Close-to- reality and precise. For e-vehicles, mild hybrid and full hybrid vehicles.

Research and development: Get there faster.

Time is lost at various phases of drive inverter development. Conventional test methods are long out-of-date. The true-to- reality approach of AVL SET e-motor emulation delivers the decisive advantage. In different phases of development. Under a range of different boundary conditions. During prototype testing. Qualification tests. System tests. EOL applications. Hardware and software integration tests. For powertrain development and e-drive tuning. For verification and quality assurance.

Before real components are required. Drive longer in the virtual world.

The implemented motor models can be adapted in many areas and parametrized accordingly. Even the superimposed load simulation emulates the real operating states and test scenarios. In a less demanding laboratory environment. Without the danger posed by rotating parts. Without vibration. Even complex motor faults can be simply simulated. Electrification of pumps, brakes and servo steering? AVL SET has solutions here too.

Automotive companies are using our inverter test systems even for regular quality checks during production runtime.